She has been to hell and back, returning to recount harrowing and hilarious tales of her trip. Terri was silenced by oral cancer in 1991. Doctor’s said she had a 2% chance of surviving the disease that cost her more than half of her tongue and lower jaw, as well as a variety of significant body parts used in failed reconstructions attempts. Not only has she survived cancer and reclaimed her voice, Terri has honed her storytelling skills and brims with passion to inspire others with her stories. Audiences are moved to tears and laughter, hope and healing by her powerful presence.


Storytelling Classes and Solo Performance Coaching

Having enjoyed crafting and performing her own one woman show, Terri loves to support others in developing their solo performances. She has discovered a number of blossoming stars in her story circles and provided support and coaching as they made their way to the stage. She is available to assist with writing, editing, rehearsing, blocking and adding humor to performance pieces large and small.

Personal Storytelling with Terri Tate

  • Allow your natural creativity and true voice to emerge via spontaneous storytelling
  • Have FUN and enjoy the support of a safe, small group where your stories can be born and crafted
  • Discover the humor in being human without even trying to be funny
  • Experience the healing power of telling your stories and really being heard

Or show up just for the fun of it to get more comfortable in front of people and to see where your stories take you! 

Personal storytelling classes will resume in Marin County in 2017. Contact Terri if you are interested in storytelling classes for your group or solo performance coaching.


The Power of Story At Work: Storytelling as Transformational Tool

  • Community building
  • Bridging conflict and differences
  • Knowledge sharing
  • Trust building

Circle to Stage


Celebrating Beauty

With the help of the great people at the Center for Digital storytelling, Terri overcame her technophobia and created this digital story.


Shopping as a Spiritual Path 

A high-spirited, heart-gripping romp through disease, divorce and disfigured dating, Shopping as a Spiritual Path has played to packed houses and standing ovations from Berkeley to Boca Raton. Terri Tate, a survivor of near-fatal oral cancer, takes us on her harrowing and wildly funny search for cures. bargains and inner peace, and leaves us with a new, joyful slant on life “as is.” Shopping as a Spiritual Path, voted Best of the Fringe at the 2007 San Francisco Fringe Festival, is now available on DVD thanks to a grant from The Lloyd Symington Foundation.

Food Camp

Amid the wide and hysterical array of healing options that I pursued in an effort to survive oral cancer was a trip to a live foods center. Here's a clip from Shopping as a Spiritual Path describing the visit. 

The Captain

One of the biggest challenges of surviving two bouts of oral cancer was choosing among the healing options. Here's one healing path that was more hysterical than helpful! 

Discount Shopping

After pursuing a vast array of healing options, my inner knowing led me to the most powerful healing method of them all: shopping! Discount shopping, that is. Here's how it works!