intuitive coaching


Intuitive Coaching

Terri has a background in psychiatric nursing and psychotherapy and has worked with people facing a wide variety of challenges for over four decades. She hopes that lessons learned along her healing journey will shed light on the path for others. During the darkest nights of her ordeal, Terri unearthed a method for tapping into her own intuitive guidance. She chronicles this discovery in her memoir, A Crooked Smile, with a foreword by Anne Lamott. She believes that we all have access to deep wisdom and loves to support others as they find their own answers to life’s most perplexing questions. She offers support to cancer patients and others attempting to navigate the vast array of healing options available today, as well as the complex health care system.

Terri is available for individual sessions in the Bay Area and via phone, Skype and FaceTime for people in other areas. Contact Terri to set up a free phone consultation.