about terri

Inspirational humorist. Psychiatric nurse specialist. Mother. Grandmother. And the Scintillating Sausalito Summertime Queen.

Photo by Lois Tema

Photo by Lois Tema

Terri Tate is funny.

Terri became a nurse to please her mother and because she was inspired by the Sue Barton R.N. books that she devoured as a girl. Due to her fascination with the mental and emotional workings of humans and her deep-seated aversion to gore, she specialized in psychiatric nursing. She worked on psych units at the University of Michigan Medical Center and then launched a private practice as a psychotherapist. She was the first hypnotherapist in the Ann Arbor phone book.

Terri broadened her focus from individuals to groups and organizations and became a nationally known speaker and consultant. After experiencing her lively, laughter-filled talks, audience members often said, “you should be a stand-up comedian” and “you should write a book!” Before she had the chance to do either, Terri was silenced by two bouts of disfiguring oral cancer, which threatened her voice and her life. Her sense of humor, however, was never in danger.

She found her way back to the stage via storytelling, performing in local showcases and then delivering her one-woman show, Shopping as a Spiritual Path to enthusiastic audiences across the U.S. Shopping won Best of the Fringe at the San Francisco Fringe Festival. Terri teaches storytelling classes privately and in organizations and coaches solo performers. She has published in professional journals and contributed to I Am with You: Love Letters to Cancer Patients. She presents Terri Talks to cancer groups, health care organizations and general audiences.

Most important to Terri are her roles as mom to Eric and Justin and granny to Georgie. She is blessed beyond belief with family and friends. Terri lives in Marin County, California.

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